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Policies and Regulations

University Policies, Regulations, and Rules (PRRs) create administrative structures, set priorities, assign responsibility, delegate authority, establish accountability, and define reporting requirements. Thus they directly or substantially affect procedural or substantive rights and duties of individuals or entities that fall within their regulatory scope and should be reviewed regularly for revision.

The University process for drafting and revision of PRRs is initiated by the responsible official and includes consulation with stakeholders and the OGC prior to being approved by Cabinet and if necessary, the Board of Trustees. Current PRRs are published to the University PRR website.

The Office of General Counsel maintains PRR templates, guidelines and assists responsible officials in language and legal review of PRRs. The OGC posts current PRRs on the university website, maintains copies of archived policies for reference purposes, and serves as a resource for the PRR process.

Additional Resources

Please review the guidance, forms, and process for creating, drafting, and updating PRRs. If you have any questions or for assistance with internal processes, please contact Kathryn Bogle, Director of Legal Operations Policy & Compliance.