PRRs Recently Updated

Table containing summaries of updates made to policies, regulations, and rules.
Title Date Last
Change Summary History
POL 04.20.05 – Illegal Drugs2023-09-14Revised - Updated inactive hyperlinks, current department names and titles and to reflect current processes....view
POL 05.15.03 – Non-Salary and Deferred Compensation2023-09-08Revised - Hyperlink updates and additional language added for clarification to the policy. ...view
POL 05.15.01 – Employees Exempt from the State Human Resources Act (EHRA) Policy2023-09-08Revised - Updated hyperlinks, references, nomenclature. Updates to reflect current processes....view
REG 08.00.12 – Social Media2023-08-31Revised - Inactive hyperlinked sources removed...view
REG 07.40.02 – Reporting Misuse of University Property and Resources2023-08-29Revised - Update PRR title and content for clarity, and to reflect current processes and scope. Update hyperlinks, current resources and titles of units. ...view
REG 01.25.12 – University Record Retention and Disposition Regulation2023-08-28Revised - Revised to update links and delete the reference to delete the definition of “computer system” as it is not used in this regulation...view
RUL 05.67.412 – Department of Performing Arts and Technology Subsequent Contract and Promotion Standards and Procedures2023-08-25Revised - The current Department of Performing Arts and Technology was written for the Department of Music which has changed become the Department of Performing Arts and Techn...view
RUL 05.67.303 – Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure Standards and Procedures2023-08-24Revised - Criteria revised for promotion to include Professional track faculty, and to more clearly describe the process....view
REG 02.70.02 – Financial Aid – Eligibility for Continued Receipt of Financial Aid2023-08-22Revised to update terminology and to make clear that students with more than one appeal related to a financial aid decision must include supporting documentation for their new...view
REG 11.35.02 – Student Discipline Procedures2023-08-08Revised - Updated to revise the following: language, additional conduct resolution options, modification of roles and procedures....view
REG 11.65.03 – Ticketing Regulation (Repealed)2023-08-08Repealed - Current policies and information are maintained on Ticketing Central’s website, therefore a separate regulation is unnecessary....view
REG 11.65.01 – Contract Ticketing Rule (Repealed)2023-08-08Repealed - Current policies for ticketing services are maintained on Ticketing Central’s website, and parties who choose to use those services sign a contract agreeing to th...view
REG 11.60.02 – Procedures for Serving & Consuming Alcohol at NC State Student Centers, Thompson Theatre & Price Music Center (Repealed)2023-08-08Repealed - REG 04.20.01 and POL 04.20.02 provide more up-to-date and accurate guidance for the use of alcohol across campus...view
REG 11.20.01 – Art Acquisitions Standards (Repealed)2023-08-08Repealed - Because public art display needs, as well as campus infrastructure needs and policies, change so frequently, the regulation is not practical or helpful and should b...view
RUL 05.68.34 – Department of Biomedical Engineering Post Tenure Review Standards and Procedures2023-08-04Revised - Update membership of PTR committee and outline the process following the committee review which follows the home university’s PTR process...view
REG 05.20.20 – Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure Dossier Format Requirements2023-08-03Revised - Non substantive change of the report of grant activity from the RADAR report to the new reporting system called Research Enterprise Data (RED)...view
RUL 05.67.603 – Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure (RPT)2023-07-31Revised to clarify the Dean's role if there is a difference in his assessment than the other voting groups or department head....view
RUL 05.67.203 – Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM ED) Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure Standards and Procedures2023-07-31Revised to clarify roles and responsibilities....view
RUL 05.67.206 – Department of Teacher Education and Learning Sciences (TELS) Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure Standards and Procedures2023-07-25Revised - The department rule was revised to make very minor edits to change the 12 references to non-tenure track to say professional track....view
REG 05.15.01 – Procedures for Establishing EHRA Positions2023-07-25Revised - Updated hyperlinks, edited content to increase clarity, and to reflect current business processes and nomenclature. Contacts updated to reflect current workflow. Up...view
REG 05.55.08 – Background Checks2023-07-25Revised - Updated hyperlinks, provided additional resources, and expanded upon information to align with current processes....view
REG 01.25.16 – Substantive Change Regulation2023-07-25Revised - This regulation needs to be updated to reflect the changes/updates made by SACSCOC on their substantive change policies and links to their online resources, as well ...view
REG 07.25.04 – Overnight Key Checkout (Repealed)2023-07-25Request to change the regulation to a rule to reflect the current process ...view
REG 07.50.01 – Real Property Transactions2023-07-25Revised - Updated to reflect current resources, processes and scope. Title updated to reflect regulation scope and terminology. Edits for clarity and readability. ...view
RUL 02.61.05 – Use of the NC State University Libraries2023-07-14Revised - The NC State University Libraries seeks to revise RUL 02.61.05, Use of the NC State University Libraries, to address use of personal transportation devices....view
RUL 02.61.05 – Use of the NC State University Libraries2023-07-14Revised - Non substantive - The NCSU Libraries seeks to revise RUL 02.61.05, Use of the NCSU Libraries to correct numbering...view
RUL 05.68.28 – Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education Post Tenure Review Standards and Procedures2023-07-07Revised - The proposed changes in this department rule address the requirements for documentation required for the departmental Post Tenure Review Committee. ...view
REG 05.20.24 – Scholarly Reassignment for Faculty2023-06-26Updated hyperlinks and pronouns only....view
REG 05.20.10 – Evaluation of Teaching2023-06-16Non-substantive change from pronoun "his/her" to "they" in Section 5....view
REG 10.10.08 – Postdoctoral Scholars2023-06-16Non-substantive change from use of pronouns "his/her" to "they."...view
REG 05.20.10 – Evaluation of Teaching2023-06-13The change is the result of the recommendation of the Evaluation of Teaching Committee and alters the peer review time period for professional faculty at the professor rank, s...view
REG 10.05.06 – Facilities and Administrative Costs2023-06-13Updated inactive hyperlinks, edits to reflect current contacts, current processes and workflow, and edits for clarity and readability. Added new reference....view
REG 10.10.08 – Postdoctoral Scholars2023-06-12Added a parental leave policy to the Regulation regarding postdoctoral scholars....view
REG 05.60.01 On-Call Pay2023-05-30Minor updates to reflect current processes....view
REG 05.20.07 – EHRA Employment and Pay Periods2023-05-30Updates to contact information to reflect current roles, dept titles and phone numbers. Minor typo corrected in last section. Updated regulation title....view
REG 05.57.01 – Phased Retirement Program for Tenured Faculty2023-05-30Updated two hyperlinks. Updates to contact information to reflect current titles and phone numbers....view
RUL 05.56.01 – General and Commercial Driver’s License Holders (CDL)2023-05-17Updated inactive hyperlink, reference title and contact information....view
REG 05.50.08 Annual Evaluation of EHRA Non-Faculty2023-05-16Updated hyperlinks, edits to expand upon information in regulation and reflect current processes, including implementation of the new Wolfpack Performance Program...view
REG 05.05.02 – Temporary Employment2023-05-16Updated hyperlinks, edits to reflect departmental name change (UTS) and to incorporate current business processes and parameters, added additional reference and changed author...view
RUL 02.25.09 – Theses and Dissertations (Repealed)2023-05-12Repealed - The material in this rule is contained in Section 3.6 of the Graduate Student Handbook....view
RUL 02.25.08 – Plan of Graduate Work (Repealed)2023-05-12Repealed - The material in this rule is contained in Section 3.3 of the Graduate Student Handbook. ...view
RUL 02.25.07 – Graduate Student Advisory Committee (Repealed)2023-05-12Repealed - The material in this rule is contained in Section 3.2 of the Graduate Student Handbook...view
RUL 02.25.03 – Graduate Co-Majors, Minors, and External Minors (Repealed)2023-05-12Repealed - The material in this rule is contained in Section 3.11a of the Graduate Student Handbook....view
RUL 02.15.06 – Transferring from One Curriculum or Degree Program to Another (Repealed)2023-05-12Repealed - The material in this rule is contained in Section 3.9 of the Graduate Student Handbook....view
RUL 02.15.02 – English Proficiency Requirements for International Applicants (Repealed)2023-05-12Repealed - The material in this rule is contained in Section 2.3P of the Graduate Student Handbook....view
RUL 02.45.03 – Completion of Graduate Course of Study (Repealed)2023-05-12Repealed - The material in this rule has been updated and is now contained in Section 3.20 of the Graduate Student Handbook....view
REG 10.05.09 – Service Centers2023-05-02Minor revisions due to an organizational re-org and the re-naming of the responsible entity. Additional edits for clarity and readability....view
REG 04.20.10 – Firearms2023-05-02Updated PRR category/subject from Centennial Campus to Campus Environment to better reflect the scope of the reg. Renumbered from 05.06.01 to 04.20.10...view
REG 04.05.01 – Trespassing on University Property2023-05-02Updated references for regulations which have been repealed and incorporated into other regulations/rules. Additional edits made for clarity....view
REG 05.00.03 – Employees Subject to the State Human Resources Act2023-04-28Non-substantive edits to hyperlinks and edits for clarity and for reflection current naming conventions and available resources. Authority change from VC for HR to VC for OFA....view
POL 05.30.01 – Medical and Parental Leave for 9-Month Faculty2023-04-26Non-substantive edits - hyperlinks updated....view
POL 05.30.02 – Sick Leave Policy for Faculty Employees who Change from 12 Month to 9 Month Employment Status2023-04-26Non-substantive edits made to hyperlink and textual reference to N.C. Gen. Stat. § 135-4....view
RUL 05.67.900 – Department of Health and Exercise Studies Appointment and Promotion Standards and Procedures2023-04-24This revised department rule was developed to document clear standards and procedures for Professional track faculty subsequent appointment and promotion....view
REG 07.10.02 – Listing of Required Course Materials2023-04-24Updated to reflect current business processes and organization and incorporate elements from related regulation REG 02.20.10....view
REG 04.20.09 – Procurement of Chemicals, Compressed Gases, Cryogenic Liquids, Radioactive Materials, and Biological Agents2023-04-19Non-substantive edits to text - links updated and minor grammatical and wording changes made....view
POL 04.20.07 – Occupational Health and Safety Policy2023-04-19Non-substantive edits to text - North Carolina State changed to NC State and links updated,...view
POL 07.60.01 – Parking and Transportation Ordinances2023-04-15Revisions to reflect updated operations and business needs....view
POL 07.10.01 – Students Supply Stores Policy2023-04-15Updating policy to reflect current business processes and organization, as well as hyperlinks....view
RUL 04.21.01 – Personal Safety Requirements Related to COVID-19 (Repealed)2023-04-12Repealed - The University is no longer operating under COVID-19 impacts, and is rolling back related rules and procedures....view
POL 04.05.01 – Campus Law Enforcement Agency2023-04-06Non-substantive edits to text - Department of Public Safety replaced with NCSU Police Department....view
REG 02.15.09 – Graduate Handbook2023-03-21New rule directing policies, procedures and rules regarding the Graduate School to the Graduate Handbook....view