PRRs Recently Updated

The PRRs listed below have been recently vetted through the approval process at the Chancellor’s Cabinet Meeting (CCM), posted to the PRR Web site and provided here as notification.

PRR Title Sponsor Action Review
University Record Retention and Disposition Regulation (REG 01.25.12) VC Newhart Revised CCM Review 7/12/2022
Student International Travel and Approval of Study Abroad (REG 02.55.01) Provost Revised CCM Review 7/12/2022
Solicitation (07.25.12) VC Maimone Repealed CCM Review 6/28/2022
Use of University Space (REG 11.55.02) VC Maimone Revised CCM Review 6/28/2022
Remote Work Location (REG 05.55.11.) AVC Danielson Revised CCM Review 5/17/2022
Parking and Transportation Ordinance (POL 07.60.01) VC Maimone Revised CCM Review 4/5/2022
BOT Review 4/21/2022

To view a comprehensive listing of all PRR revisions, please visit the “What’s New” page on the PRR website.

The following is a list of University Council meeting dates and PRR update notifications that were provided at those meetings.