General FAQs

If I engage in private consulting, outside of my work at NC State, what are some things I should be aware about?

The Office of General Counsel cannot provide legal advice to individual faculty and employees with regard to private consulting agreements. However, this professional activity for pay is subject to UNC and NC State policies, including Conflicts of Interest and Commitment and Intellectual Property.  Please see these additional FAQs which are frequently asked by faculty and employees who wish to engage in consulting activities.

Where do I get permission to use the university’s trademarks?

Commercial use of the university’s name, logos, nicknames, or other trademarks requires advance permission from the university’s trademark licensing director.  University departments are permitted to use the trademarks and service marks for official university business purposes without prior approval. For more information, please see the university’s trademark licensing webpage.

To whom should I report illegal or fraudulent activity?

You should report to the University Police, Internal Audit or the State Auditor’s Office. Each of these offices allow for anonymous tips or the filing of more formal complaints. Reports can be taken by telephone or online. Please see or Another reporting option is the Ethicspoint hotline, which also allows for anonymous reports.  If you submit a report to Ethicspoint, the report will be forwarded to the appropriate University unit or department for review and investigation.

Can we serve alcohol at a university function on campus?

Yes, only if you follow the university’s Alcohol Policy and Regulation which requires prior approval by the administrator of the host facility and permission from your Dean or Vice Chancellor. The permission form can be found at this link.

Can my office, department or division conduct a raffle to raise money?

No. State law limits the number of raffles that State agencies, including the university, may conduct. That limit is two raffles per calendar for the entire university. Raffles must be authorized by the chancellor or his designee.

As a NC State employee, am I permitted to accept a gift from an outside party or individual?

There are prohibitions on accepting/receiving gifts as a covered person under the State Ethics Act, as well as other NC laws relating to contracts, award of contracts and bribery.  In general, there is no such thing as a “free lunch”.  Please see the following resources for accepting gifts, and contact OGC with any questions.