March 14, 2016 UC Meeting – PRR Notification


PRR Title Sponsor Action Approved
Termination of Patient Care (REG 11.45.08) Mullen Repealed EOM Notification 7/12/2016
Tuition Waiver for Faculty and Staff (REG 01.25.05) Goldgeier Revised EOM Information 6/7/2016
Online Course Material Host Requirements (REG 08.00.11) Provost Revised EOM Information  6/7/2016
Equipment Acquisition and Management (REG 10.05.04) Goldgeier Minor Revision EOM Information  6/7/2016
Disposal of University Property (REG 07.40.01) Goldgeier Minor Revision  EOM Information  6/7/2016
Data Management Procedures (REG 08.00.03) Goldgeier Minor Revision  EOM Information  6/7/2016
Programs that Involve the Participation of Minors (NEW REG 01.25.18)  Arden/Goldgeier New EOM Review 4/12/2016
Parking and Transportation Ordinance (POL 07.60.01)  Douglass (Rainer) Revised EOM Review 4/12/2016
Electronic Security Management System (SMS) (REG 04.05.03) Douglass (Rainer) Revised EOM Review 4/12/2016
 Use of NCSU Libraries (RUL 02.61.05)  Provost  Revised  EOM Notification 4/12/2016
Eligibility for Continued Receipt of Financial Aid (REG 02.70.02) Provost Revised EOM Review 3/29/2016
NC State Security Standards for Sensitive Data Systems (NEW RULE 08.00.16) Hoit New EOM Notification


Delegations of Authority to Sign Contracts (REG 01.20.02) Rebar Revised EOM Review 3/29/2016
Annual Evaluation of EHRA Non-Faculty (REG 05.50.08) Goldgeier Revised EOM Review 3/29/2016
Parking and Transportation Ordinance (POL 07.60.01) Douglass (Rainer) Revised EOM Review 3/29/2016
Instructor Qualifications (REG 05.20.40) Provost Revised EOM Review 03/01/2016
Adverse Weather and Other Emergency Conditions (REG 04.20.07) Lambert Revised EOM Review 02/16/2016
Third-Level URL Naming Standard (NEW RUL 08.00.15 Hoit New Information Only 1/19/2016
Fraternities and Sororities: Procedures for Recruitment, Intake, and New Member Activities (RUL 11.56.03) Mullen Revised EOM Information 12/8/2015