Updated: 01/26/2015


Consent to Release Student Information (Public Disclosure) (Updated 1/21/2015)

Consent Form for Disclosure to Parents of Dependent Students & Consent Form for Disclosure to Parents (Updated 1/21/2015)

Authorization to Release Information or Request Information for Letters of Recommendation (Updated 1/26/2015)

Release for Letters of Recommendation (New 1/21/2015)

Optional Confidentiality Agreement for Temporary Employees (Updated 08/29/2012)

Consent Form for Posting of Grade (By Individual Test Sheet or Assignment)

Consent Form for Posting of Grades (By Class Petition)

Record of Disclosures

Consent to Release Student Information Submitted in Online/Distance Education Course (This consent does not extend to persons other than students or University instructors)

Privacy Checklist for Online Course Hosting