FAQs for Potential Misuse of State Property Reporting


What constitutes “misuse”?

The term misuse is defined broadly to mean damage or vandalism (such as graffiti or broken windows); fraud, theft or embezzlement of money; hacking of computer systems; unauthorized use of property (such as office equipment, research supplies and state vehicles) for non-university business or personal use; and arson.

What types of State property are covered?

Personal property, real estate and intellectual property are covered. This includes buildings, fences, motor vehicles, bike racks, computers and other electronic equipment; tools, hardware, musical instruments, exercise equipment, office supplies, patents, trademarks or any other property belonging to the university.

Is there a dollar threshold for reporting?

No, the law has no dollar threshold which means any misuse must be reported regardless of how small the amount.

How sure do I have to be that misuse has occurred?

You simply need to have a suspicion, information or evidence of possible misuse. You do not have to investigate or prove misuse before reporting.

What are my obligations if I suspect or become aware of misuse of State property?

You must report the possible or suspected misuse within three (3) business days of becoming aware of it to the Office of General Counsel, the Office of Internal Audit, University Police or your supervisor.  The supervisor must in turn report to one of the other listed offices immediately. Internal Audit and University Police work collaboratively to investigate the allegations and determine whether a report must be sent to the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI).  The Vice Chancellor and General Counsel is the designated officer responsible for reporting possible misuse to the SBI within ten (10) business days.

How do I report?

You should complete SBI Form 78. You may also use the University Police Department Online Crime Reporting site, or Internal Audit’s hotline.

Want to learn more?
NCSU REG 07-40-02
NCSU REG 07.30.14 (Home use of Equipment)
N.C.G.S. §143B-920