March 9, 2015 UC Meeting

The following list of PRRs have been vetted through the approval process and provided as notifcation at the March 9, 2015 University Council meeting. To view a comprehensive listing of all PRR revisions visit the “What’s New” page on the PRR Web site.

Summary of PRR Updates (Year to date)

PRR Title Sponsor Action Approved
Delegations of Authority to Sign Contracts (REG 01.20.02) Goldgeier Revised EOM 3/3/2015
Alcohol Policy (POL 04.20.02) Goldgeier Revised EOM 11/25/2014
BOT 02/20/2015
Alcohol Regulation (REG 04.20.01) Goldgeier Revised EOM 11/25/2014
Public Records Request (REG 04.00.02) Goldgeier Revised EOM 01/20/2015