January 8, 2018

The following list of PRRs have been vetted through the approval process and provided as notification at the January 8, 2018 University Council meeting. To view a comprehensive listing of all PRR revisions visit the “What’s New” page on the PRR Web site.

PRR Title Sponsor Action Approved
Faculty Grievance and Non-Reappointment Review Procedures (REG 05.25.04) Provost Revised CCM Review 11/28/2017
Annual Evaluation of EHRA Non-Faculty (REG 05.50.08) Douglass Revised CCM Review 11/7/2017
University Record Retention & Disposition Regulation (REG 01.25.12) Goldgeier Revised CCM Review 10/17/2017
Non-Salary and Deferred Compensation (POL 05.15.03) Goldgeier Revised CCM Review 8/22/2017    BOT Review 9/22/2017