August 13, 2018

The following list of PRRs have been vetted through the approval process and provided as notification at the August 13, 2018 University Council meeting. To view a comprehensive listing of all PRR revisions visit the “What’s New” page on the PRR Web site.

PRR Title Sponsor Action Approved
Code of Student Conduct (POL 11.35.01 Mullen Revised CCM Review 6/12/2018              BOT Approval 7/19/2018
Equal Opportunity, Non-Discrimination and Affirmative Action Policy (POL 04.25.05) Provost Revised CCM Review 6/12/2018              BOT Approval 7/19/2018
Watauga Medal (POL 01.30.03) Sischo Revised CCM Review 6/12/2018              BOT Approval 7/19/2018
Faculty Grievance and Non-Reappointment Review Policy (POL 05.25.01) Provost Revised CCM Review 5/1/2018                BOT 7/19/2018
Transfer of Sponsored Projects (REG 10.10.07) Rebar/Douglass REvised CCM Review 7/17/2018
Student Discipline Procedures (REG 11.35.02) Mullen Revised CCM Review 7/17/2018
Painting, Chalking, Posters, and Temporary Outdoor Signage (REG 11.55.04) Mullen Revised CCM Review 6/12/2018
Scholarly Reassignment for Faculty (REG 05.20.24) Provost Revised CCM Review 6/12/2018
Endpoint Protection Standard (New RUL 08.00.18) Hoit New CCM Review 5/1/2018
Parking and Transportation Ordinance (POL 07.60.01) Douglass Revised CCM Review 3/27/2018              BOT Approval 4/17/2018
SHRA Successive Discipline (REG 05.70.01) Douglass Repealed CCM Review 3/13/2018
Delegations of Signature Authority (REG 01.20.02) Goldgeier Revised CCM Review 3/13/2018