August 11, 2014 UC Meeting

The following list of PRRs have been vetted through the approval process and provided as notifcation at the August 11, 2014 University Council meeting. To view a comprehensive listing of all PRR revisions visit the  “What’s New” page on the PRR Web site.

PRR Title Sponsor Action Approved
Instructor Qualifications (NEW REG 05.20.40) Provost New EOM 7/8/2014
Assessment of Academic Program (NEW REG 02.90.01) Provost New EOM 7/8/2014
Employees Subject to the State Personnel Act (REG 05.00.03) Leffler Revised EOM 5/27/2014
SPA Grievance and Appeal (REG 05.25.02) Leffler Repeal EOM 5/27/2014
SPA Employee Performance Pay Dispute Resolution(REG 05.25.01) Leffler Repeal EOM 5/27/2014
Facilities and Administrative Cost (REG 10.05.06) Leffler Revised EOM 5/13/2014
Parking and Transportation Ordinances (POL 07.60.01) Leffler Revised BOT 4/25/2014
Assemblies, Events and Public Addresses (REG 11.55.02) Provost Revised EOM 4/01/2014
Additional Compensation Paid through the University(REG 05.58.01) Provost Revised EOM 4/01/2014
Non-Tenure Track Faculty Ranks and Appointments(REG 05.20.34) Provost Revised EOM 4/01/2014
Adding and Dropping Courses (REG 02.20.02) Provost Revised EOM 4/01/2014
Withdrawal from the University (REG 02.05.04) Provost Revised EOM 4/01/2014
Grade Exclusion (REG 02.20.16) Provost Revised EOM 4/01/2014