COVID-19 Legal Response Team

The COVID-19 pandemic created many novel legal questions for universities.  At NC State, the Office of General Counsel has created the COVID Legal Response Team (CLRT) to assist the university in responding to the many legal and operational issues that have arisen as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This team is responsible for coordinating, researching, assessing, assisting, and responding to issues created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shawn Troxler, Deputy General Counsel and CLRT lead, explains more about the team’s work in this video:  CLRT Video Presentation.

Some examples of the work conducted by the CLRT include:

  • Providing guidance on Governor’s Executive Orders and directives, local stay-at-home orders, and ordinances.
  • Interpreting state COVID liability limitations laws and drafting appropriate compliance language.
  • Providing advice and counsel on federal statutes and regulations, including those related to the PREP Act and FDA regulation of medical devices.
  • Drafting Clery COVID-19 cluster notifications.
  • Providing guidance on the use and restrictions on federal funds provided to universities in response to the pandemic.
  • Drafting and revising policies and rules to help protect the health and safety of campus, such as the Protect the Pack Community Standards and Rule on Personal Safety Requirements Related to COVID-19.
  • Providing guidance and helping draft guidance on employee leave provisions, safety training, volunteer activities, and remote work.
  • Conducting research and providing advice on the use of and/or requiring face coverings, flu vaccinations, COVID-19 vaccinations, and free speech.
  • Providing advice on contract termination and force majeure terms, amending University contracts, negotiating, and drafting complex agreements related to the use and sale of nonwovens fabric, face-covering production machines, and procuring face covering supplies for NC State.
  • Drafting waivers and “assumption of the risk” language specifically related to COVID-19, and participating in University meetings on operations, event activities, and research restart.
  • Ongoing advice on issues related to travel, study abroad, and special events.

Have a COVID-Related Legal Question?

Although we hope to continue moving forward through the pandemic, we recognize that the university continues to face questions as it responds to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For COVID-related legal questions, contact one of the CLRT team members:

COVID Legal Response Team (CLRT):

Shawn Troxler, Deputy General Counsel,, 919-515-1527
Sarah Lannom, Associate General Counsel,, 919-515-2333
Brent McConkey, Associate General Counsel,, 919-513-4051
Mike Jung, Associate General Counsel,, 919-515-0234

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